EASY HEALTHY Breakfast Recipes that are CHEAP (Healthy Eating Shouldn’t Make You Go Broke!)

Breakfast Recipes
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Hey everyone I’m Abbey Sharp welcome to Abbey’s Kitchen. In todays video, we will be talking about easy healthy breakfast recipes that are cheap and affordable. Eating healthy shouldn’t make you go broke, so I’ve gathered a bunch of recipes I’ve made that are balanced, nutritious and ultimately delicious. These are fast, on the go recipes that are super affordable for those looking to save!

00:00-00:50 – Intro
00:51-02:07 – Clean My Mac
02:08-08:40 – Freezer Oatmeal Cups
08:41-10:59 – Snack Box
11:40-14:38 – Egg Wraps
14:39-18:01 – Protein Cereal & Toast
18:02-25:05 – Sheet Pan Pancakes

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